New Year's Resolution staled? 5 Tips to Inspire You

New Year's has passed and some of us may still be struggling to get in our first gym visit. So what are some ways to get inspired? 

1) Try a local health show. February and March have seminars, health shows and events geared at introducing you to new products, professionals and groups in your local community. This weekend, Vitality will be at Western Canada's health show: The Wellness Show (Feb 14-16). Over 30,000 locals take to the event each year so there are lots of opportunities to learn and get inspired. 

2) Get outside. One of the key ways to start changing your health and outlook is going outside. Depending on your fitness level consider going outside to stretch and breathe, walk for 10 minutes or plan a weekend hike. You've find your attitude shifts and you'll be more energetic.

3) Be realistic. Setting small goals makes the difference to reaching a larger goal. When I lost 60 lbs I started by going on a walk each night by 8 PM. One block turned into 2 and so on until I was walking 2 kilometers each night. Over time my weight and my eating habits changed. The realistic goal was going outside, no matter what by 8 PM, each night, every night. 

4) Understand your goal. What was your New Year's goal and why did you set it? If it had meaning look at why you haven't taken action or why you stopped in the last 6 weeks. Think about a way to make it a priority in your day. 

5) Vision it. Take a deep breath. Think about your goal and play it like a movie in your mind. Each day think about this "movie" to inspire you to your goal. 

Let us know how your resolutions are going!

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