Another juice fast and recipe for glowing skin





glowing skin elixir:

 - 1 cucumber

- 2 celery stalks

- 2 green apples

- 2 pineapple slices

- 1 cup mint leaves


Even if you're eating 100% raw (or whatever you consider to be the most optimal diet for you), exercising daily and all that other good stuff, it is never a bad idea to do a juice cleanse - I use the words "fast" and "cleanse". interchangeably by the way - because you are not necessarily restricting your calories so you won't be starving or malnourished.
In fact, on a juice fast you will most likely be enjoying the most nutritious diet ever because - like I just said - you're getting adequate calories, but you are also receiving the highest quality, most nutrient-dense and high water content foods on the planet that are ridiculously easy to absorb and digest. Fresh juice is delicious and can save lives. It has already.
The juice I made today was to give my skin a boost in health and colour. Winter does a number on my skin and hair because both are pretty sensitive. Cucumber is excellent for your skin, as is celery and they are both included in this recipe. Want glowing skin? Drink cucumber juice.



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