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Health Supplements Made Locally in Canada

When you call this home, you want to protect it.

Our health starts with the purity of the environment. Here's how we reduce our impact and help care for our home and your health:


Made locally

VITALITY’s products, bottles and labels are all made within 60 kilometers of downtown Vancouver. We create small batch runs of vitamins and supplements in leading, site licensed facilities; third party test; and use local products whenever possible.



Why plastic bottles makes sense

Glass is primarily shipped from Asia to North America. If one bottle breaks in a crate, the product is spoiled and returned. The footprint is huge.


We source local

VITALITY’s plastic bottles and labels are made within 60 KM of Vancouver, Canada - and are recyclable. Resulting in less fuel for shipping and weight during transportation.


Ethical sourcing

Quality products start with quality ingredients. We use non-GMO, clean ingredients in VITALITY’s vitamins and supplements and test product for quality, potency and purity – all by third party labs.


Leaders and a team who cares

We care. And we care about our health and the health of our families – we’re customers too. So every decision is made to provide the best for you – everyday.