Energy Bundle - 6 Month Supply

$450.74 $500.82

Energy Bundle - 6 Month Supply

Boost your Energy & Mood

The Energy Bundle will give you the natural boost you need to power through your day. Adding extra B and C vitamins to your routine will fuel energy production and help support immunity. Combined with Digest+ to relieve stomach upset, and a high dose iron supplement, this bundle pack will give you the energy you need to feel your best.

Includes a 4 month supply of VITALITY Power Iron + Organic Spirulina, Time Release B60 Complete + C (600mg) and Digest+.

What you'll receive:
  • 3x Power Iron + Organic Spirulina (60 days)
  • 3x Time Release B60 Complete + C (600mg) (60 days)
  • 12x Digest+ (60 tablets)


$450.74 $500.82
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