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FREE Relax+ (30 Tab) PLUS 15% OFF on orders over $60 until Jan 30. PROMO: WELLNESS21 

Commit to Refresh & Renew in 2021!

FREE Relax+ 30 Tab ($18.99 value) with all orders over $60 in Canada.

  • All-herbal relaxant for day & night
  • Releases muscle tension & cramping
  • Supports calm and restful sleep
  • Fast acting. Non-habit forming.

Pairs with Magnesium + Chamomile for added relaxation.

Get Ready to Glow in 2021!

Naturally delicious. Sugar Free and Keto Friendly.
Bring the new taste of beauty home and see glowing results.

  • 6g premium marine collagen per serving
  • Supports healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Added Biotin and Vitamin C
  • Cranberries for powerful antioxidant benefits & urinary tract health

Winner: alive Awards – Consumer Choice – Best New Supplement 2020

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