Rich Heritage & Care

VITALITY has been focused on natural health and quality supplements since 1946 when a pharmacist in Victoria, BC, formulated and sold his first B-Complex multivitamin under the name “VITALITY.”

Today, VITALITY remains committed to natural health and premium quality supplements.

Located in Vancouver, BC, we support our customers by offering products that are effective, understandable and are made of quality ingredients. We also consider the environment by using bottles made in British Columbia and use recyclable plastic rather than glass to reduce the impact of shipping.


All VITALITY products, bottles and labels are manufactured within 60 kilometers of downtown Vancouver. We create small batch runs of vitamins and supplements in leading, site licensed facilities and third-party test all products. We never compromise on quality, so we source local as much as possible.


Quality products start with quality ingredients. We use non-GMO, clean ingredients in VITALITY’s vitamins and supplements and test product for quality, potency and purity – all by third party labs. Our ingredients are free from animal products, gluten, soy, GMO and are not made with any artificial colours or flavours.


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