3 Benefits of Digest+ for Weight Loss

3 Benefits of Digest+ for Weight Loss

3 Benefits of Digest + for Weight Loss

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With spring officially underway, new fitness goals for getting active require your body to have the energy it needs. Did you know that low energy can be caused by a lack of nutrients absorbed from food and inflammation in your gut? So let's kick off this spring with some insight into how to naturally repair digestive issues to help you meet your resolutions. 

Here are three benefits of Digest+ for weight loss:

1) Stimulate Your Digestion Naturally
Indigestion can result in unwanted weight around the midsection. Your digestion must be working optimally to break down and eliminate food. Unlike other digestive enzymes that contain all the enzymes it should be producing, Digest+ is designed to work with your body and stimulate it to start producing its own digestive enzymes again, naturally. These secretions help you break down food, absorb nutrients and relieve symptoms like bloating, gas and heartburn within 15 minutes.
2) Kill Bad Bacteria in the Gut
A build-up of bad bacteria causes excessive bloating, feeling heavy after small meals and unexplained weight gain. Goldenseal is the key ingredient in Digest+ that targets these symptoms. Often referred to as “nature’s antibiotic”, it gently kills off bad bacteria in the gut that causes digestive issues like bloating, constipation and cravings for sweets and carbs. We recommend pairing Digest+ with a probiotic, to ensure the good and bad bacteria is in balance and your digestion is working optimally.

3) Stimulate Appetite and Metabolism
Goldenseal helps stimulate appetite and relieve excess water weight by eliminating toxins from sweat and urination. As toxins are removed and your digestion improves, your appetite increases and your body naturally boosts your metabolism to efficiently burn off the food you eat. 

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