The Beautiful Benefits of Rose

The Beautiful Benefits of Rose

The Beautiful Benefits of Rose

Rose flowers are synonymous with beauty and love. And we LOVE these flowers for many more reasons than how pretty they look in a vase!

Rose is commonly added to topical beauty products for its amazing anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. Widely used in toners, serums and moisturizes, rose flowers are praised for their ability to reduce redness, erase wrinkles and even balance oil production. But rose also offers many health benefits when taken internally!

Rose flowers are high in vitamins C and E as well as antioxidants. All of which are important for glowing, healthy skin. Rose has also been used to treat many health conditions. In fact, it was found that drinking rose tea can help reduce menstrual cramping and increase mood in female adolescents.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used rose for centuries as a balancer and regulator of qi (life energy). In TCM, when there is not a smooth flow of qi, it becomes blocked in our organs and meridians leading to dysfunction. This is referred to as qi stagnation. Qi stagnation in our liver can cause symptoms of irritability, depression as well as painful periods, PMS and digestive disorders. Rose is used to help move qi and treat liver qi stagnation which can benefit our mood, digestion and menstrual cycle.

Roses are also important in middle eastern cultures. Used for their medicinal benefit, roses are considered a holy plant referred to as the Flower of Prophet Mohammad. Over 90% of the rose oil produced is made in Bulgaria, Turkey and Iran.

Commonly used in perfumes and essential oils, studies have also looked at the aromatic effects of rose flowers to help reduce stress and tension - they may even benefit headaches and migraines.

Overall, rose flowers have a rich history in beauty, fragrance, and health. VITALITY GLOW has created Collagen + Rose to combine the traditional uses of rose along with modern benefits of collagen for hair, skin and nail health. VITALITY GLOW Marine Collagen + Rose is a truly unique beauty product that will provide glowing results inside and out!

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