3 Tips to Beat the Clock for a Better Sleep

3 Tips to Beat the Clock for a Better Sleep

3 Tips to Beat the Clock for a Better Sleep

Time Change: Sunday, November 6th

When the clock hits 2 AM on Sunday, November 6th you may think they’ve gained an extra hour’s sleep, but remember, Monday is only one more sleep away and getting up an hour earlier makes a difference to our energy and health.

Here are 3 ways to reduce the time change on you (and your family):

1)       Don’t wait until November 6th to adjust the clock: Slowly adjust your bedtime and alarm by 10-15 minutes each day before Sunday. The slow adjustment versus a full hour at once, makes the transition easier. This is especially helpful for young families. By going to bed earlier each night and waking up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, you will slowly shift the time change and reduce tired mornings and days in the weeks ahead.

2)       Use Herbals to relax and reset your body: Natural remedies are especially helpful during time changes. Calming the body, mind and nervous system with herbal natural health products and essential oils will support you. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Calming teas including chamomile to slow your body
  • Natural health products including VITALITY Relax+ with cramp bark to release muscle tension while calming the mind and nervous system to fall into a deep, restful sleep
  • Essential oils including lavender to calm the nervous system and help you feel more relaxed before bed

3)       Take the change of clock to find time for you: Shut off electronics including the TV and your phone, and take the time to breathe deep, rub lotion into your hands and feet to release stress and support restoration of your body and mind.

 The change of season and time is also a good reminder for each of us to slow down and listen to our bodies and make adjustments to restore our health and energy.



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